Getbhavcopy or NSE EOD Datadownloader historical data

Thanks bro. I took the help of my neighbor to open the archive. And it was same, text files with no data, blank. I do not understand, where is the problem
I tried but not able to post image of folder showing 0 bytes files
Sorry pal. I'm clueless. Ain't able to figure out what is wrong with your system. Please try it on another system to confirm.
Thanks bro. I tried it with my neighbour system. The image I posted is what I got from his laptop. Moreover contents are totally different also. While as per image posted by you, files are for NSE EQ, NSE FO and BSE EQ. but in my image it is only NSE EQ and no FO and BSE.
Please do a favour. Please post a small (say first 5 years data) archive using WINRAR instead of 7z.
Zippyshare still working. Use a downloader like DAP/Flashget to grab the content with resume function.

Direct download link: ( XXXXX values will change with every reopening of the zippy link, just hover over the download button link on the page to know the new ID )


This fie in not corrupt, opens flawlessly with latest WinRar. has data till Mar 20th 2019.

21st Mar was Holi holiday, so rest you can grab from Getbhavcopy utility ( )

Hope this helps!!

PS. Now I have historic SPOT/Futures data of every NSE quotes ... WoW.....for free!! Time to adjust splits/merger info per script to make it awsome.


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is there a way to adjust all data in one go? or at least a easier way then going to moneycontrol or likewise sites to get split/bonus details and then manually adjusting it in amibroker?
Use Amibroker split function to get the proper split adjustment. no need to visit moneycontrol site for the adjustment data.

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