Free Intraday Data Realtime For NSE Cash

Hi everybody

does anybody know how to get free realtime intraday Data for nse cash script.

i need it for metastock.

if somebody knows the way to get it please post it here.

Please help me..

thanks in advance

they provide only NSE cash data. but data is accurate and reliable.

very useful to those who trade in cash script. support is also very good.

go for trial to find out better.

Hello Friends,

I am very new to this forum and technical analysis. Also, I am not from a technical background. I have installed Amibroker and tried to import the data through Bhavcopy but failed. I got some error message and it didn't worked. Please suggest a simple and easy software where I can import data and see the chart.
Hello Friends,

I have a question regarding charting and Trading Platform. I am using reliance money trading platform for trading and Amibroker for charting purpose where the data is imported from Real time datafeeder for intraday using 1 min backfill data. Now, the problem is, there is a price difference between the amibroker charting and my trading platform. Both of them are not at par. Is there any way to import the data from my trading platform so that amibroker chart reflects the price from the trading platform or what is the best way to resolve it. Your help in this matter would be highly appreciated.

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