Get Free Intraday data using Zerodha Kite and R


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Hi Guys,
I have created a simple R code to download Intraday data from Zerodha Kite. Please watch this video for more details.

Thanks for video. I have queries:
1. From where I can get this code. As I have non IT/Coding background.
2. Can I get tick data by this method. As kite don't have tick charts.
Thanks for video.


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You can't download tick data. Link is provided under video to download code. Just install R and follow the steps explained in the video.
not able to download tht. can u plz post code here.


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yea it was but we are firangi dude and in traderji only video shows no text .. we had to click youtube video and then figue out which 99% pppls won;t figure why u know coz they are too blonde like me lol
anyways ty for method
Hi itmmec, good to see you coded to get data from zerodha kite. I tried as you have posted but got error in getting correct url. How do we get url address to paste in " url=paste()......" in datapull.r file. Here I have attached scrnshot of the error shown in r studio. pls clarify.
ZerodhaKiteDataPull Error.jpg

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