Free Intraday NSE Nifty/Stock Option data


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Hi friends,

I have some spare time on hand and would like to write an AFL for a friend for Options trading. I am an options trader with approx 3% net profit a day. My method has almost never let me down, however it has many different methods that would influence a trade, and I'm trying to put in down on paper or create an AFL.

I also want to maximise profits as anyone would say 3% per day in options is not good while markets swing approx 50% in option values. Also the choice of stocks could be determined by backtesting the AFL.


This has been posted many a times but.. unfortunately ... I have not found the answer to get free intraday quotes for Nifty/Stock options. (I'm looking for 1 minute data or 2 minute or maybe 5 minute free data)

NOT interested in any paid data as I believe information is free and should shoould encourage selling of information for this purpose, also persons who could use my information may be newbies would would also like free data.

So... can anyone please post information on downloadable real-time data on Nifty/Stock options (1 min/2 min/5 min.. any one should be good enough)
(OPTION data please.. PUT/CALL data for NSE)

Thanks in advance


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