Free Intraday Data - Chek This Out !!

If you want free intraday data!! check they give free intra day data.and they upload daily data at earliest. you can register at their site.Registration is free.They also provide free EOD data of both NSE and BSE.

Hi Bulls,

This is great. I checked the site and have registered in it.

But one biggest disadvantage is that the intraday data doesnt have volume data.
Any idea about it, Bull?



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bluesea, try using internet explorer instead of firefox...I had the same problem
Hi oxy,

It works with FireFox also. I am using Firefox and checked it. To see the files or to download you should be a member of that group.


Is anyone doing any project on nse or bse realtime backfill data and realtime price upgrade to amibroker or metastock from nse or bse servers? if not that is a huge oppertunity in it. as people easily paid Rs. 6000-7000 for one time or Rs. 750/ month onwords for subscription for realtime data update from yahoo server to amibroker or metastock. Yet in that softwares there is no facility to backfill the past data, Means if you miss the period of like 1 hour in between or start some time after market or in between your net connection disconnects, you can not get that periods data afterwords.

I would like to tell you that i have methods to get the REAL TIME NSE BACKFILL, REAL TIME BSE BACKFILL, BSE REALTIME CURRENT, REAL TIME YAHOO BACKFILL data. if you incorporate this features to your software or develop new one with these features youre the first player of its kind who have these facilities in its software and this puts you ahead in the race. If you would like to develop and market the software i would like to share the data retrival methods for sharing basis.

I again would like to note down that this is a high volume, very high profit business.

Thanking You,


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