Free EOD analyzing software.

Hi friends,

I am happy to introduce you all this new free EOD analyzing software.

you can find this software in

This software will automatically download the nifty quotes and displays around 15 technical indicators in a single page, which is easy to scroll and compare between different indicators.

This software requires java runtime 6 which you can download for free in sun site.( i have provided link in the website of the software).

I have developed this software in my free time. Depending upon the response and feedback for this, i will continuously update the software with new features.

At present the software will display only the nifty EOD quotes.

I am anxious to see the response for this software.

i have just down loaded this software,i am very much thank full to you for providing this thanks
you are too great aenigo..this software is awesome and the best part is that it is have helped lots and lots of young indian traders who cannot buy the expensive softwares..
Can some one tell is it possible to scan the list of stocks for signals of various indicators. In the software i am not able to find any option for this.

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