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Can anyone share any free utility or software from where i can download bse historical data since inception at a time by selecting starting date to end date like bhavcopy downloader .we can download it from website but from there we have to download it particular date wise so it is so much time consuming.
kindly help.thank you.


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Add script what u want manually ... it works for last 18 yrs too
here is ami quotes 3.31 .. google has been permanently removed and yahoo is set as default .

it is assumed u installed amibroker in C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker
if any other directory u installed amibroker then just give amiquoite path where on installation screen

i didn;t wanted to upload amiquote 3.31 but i uploaded it anyway coz i was Bored lol hahahahaha

Downlaod this pass is test123
Amiquote 3.31
google drive :-
pass is test123

yahoo EOD feed is working i just tested process is different
for Tatamotors share price one needs to use TATAMOTORS.NS
as symbol name
In amiquote click edit -->add ticker and put TATAMOTORS.NS
OR for bse just add name as TATAMOTORS.BO

off course selecting source as YAhoo Historical EOD
and select start date say 1/01/1998

i haven;t prepared database as right now my concentration is one scrip tatamotors only. you can add script manually whatever u want Or
if you have free time why not make database of all scrip and paste in forum .
Something is better then nothing always .
NEST to Amibroker option for datafill from NEST too works fine link in signature so help yourself

And for International USA Barcharts api works
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