Forex Trading Questions(Advanced Strategies,etc)

Forex Questions (Simple Trading, How to Start a Account)

Hello Guys,

I m Forex-Trader from South India. Started Trading at 2006. So Trading for 4 Years in Real Account.

I m happy to help all who is very new to forex from India with simple questions and Answers.

The Thread Topic

1. I will add Good Questions and Answers to the Topic Starter Post, So All can read it .

2. Please Make it Clean and Understandable.

You can Ask Anything Related to Forex which is Simple, For Advanced Forex Traders i will start a new Topic and We can discuss about

1. Advanced Strategies
2. Advanced Programming of Indicators
3. Advanced Trading Methods
4. Advanced Indicators

Advanced Traders Meet Us in another Thread :thumb:

Questions Area

----->Remember Good Questions and Answers will add in this Area<-----
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Forex Trading Questions

For Advanced Trader's Question and Answer.....

Ask Anything Regarding Forex Trading Here.....

Please make it Clear,Understandable and Neat Thread.

I will answer all questions possible. I have tried above 100 systems, EA's and Manual Strategies in my forex life of 4 Years. Now i have to Express my Reviews,Views of My Forex Trading...

Also Ask about any Pairs and its Trend....Have a Good Day :)
3 EMA Strategy (CROSS) 100% Completed

Hello All,

This Strategy is commonly known as 3 EMA Strategy. The Strategy is well known and includes simple indicators and Simple Method to Learn. I want to Tweak it with Additional Indicators for Filtering out false signals in future...Here is the Strategy I want to Share...

I think most Forex Traders know it, I m starting the Thread for New Forex Traders and For those who searching good Simple system.

Trading Strategy

Name : 3 EMA System

Indicators :EMA(21), EMA(9) and EMA (55) ...All Applied to Close. Then RSI (9). Pivot S/R Indicator.

Accuracy: 70%-90%

Pairs : Any.

Time Fame : Depends on Trading Styles.


Make EMA(21) Red
Make EMA (9) Green
Make EMA (55) Blue

MAKE RSI (Any Colour)


Save it as a Template.

Download Template : 3 EMA Strategy


SELL CONDITION : If Green EMA(9) is Crossing Below Red EMA(21) . And the Candle Close should be below 55(BLUE EMA). Then RSI Should be Below 50.00 in way of Reaching 30.00, Dont Sell if its below 10.00

Below is Example for SELL TRADE.

Sold on 1.2333.

Profit Taken at 1.2246

Total Profit (+87 pips)


BUY CONDITION = Opposite of SELL CONDITION. Wait for 9 EMA (Green) to Cross Above 21 EMA (RED) and The Candle Body should close above 55 BLUE EMA. RSI should be above 50.00 but not above 90.00.

Here the Example of BUY Trade



Set SL 20-30 pips above 55 EMA (BLUE) If you are Selling. But I prefer Fixed SL.

Set SL 20-30 pips below 55 EMA (BLUE) If you are Buying.

Target ---> Set 20 and 50 and 100 TP. Or Move the SL along 55 EMA and Close when Candle Crosses and close below/above it.

I want this system to be good and want to add some more indicator for filtering out bad Trades...Lets Discuss it
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Re: 3 ema strategy

I want to know about forex trading. Any forex trading training classes at tamilndu pls inform me
Hello Murugan ,

I m from Tamil Nadu....But I m not there now. But I m happy to Help you because i m 100% Tamilan. Theres no Classes in Tamil Nadu...If anyone tells There is , then Dont waste the Money There. Because In India No Classes are good. They only stealing money by telling simple basic.

You can learn 100% more and Unique through Online.

Vanakkam :thumb:
I m Searching good posts to prove...Wait

As far I m Trading Forex for More than 4 Years...I have No Problem in Tax or Anything.

Withdrawn over 60 times with no problems....

I heard that Some pairs are now allowed to trade in India. But you can open an OverSeas Account and Make Trading There, Withdraw to Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer.

I think HDFC, ICICI, Deutche Banks helps Forex Trading in India.

If you select some online broker, you just need to deposit funds in your online account with your credit card, or Paypal and do trading. You can also withdraw your funds through Paypal. Your bank won't even care where you spent your money, or from where you even got it.

Lot Of Iindians are trading Forex Now and Going good ......

II. Liberalised Remittance Scheme of USD 200,000.

Please Read the Above Paragraph at
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