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  1. M

    Forex in India - Legal or Illegal

    I am a newbie here. I am trying my hands on forex trading and I want to open a read account with one good broker, but on some of the forums or blogs, I come to know It's illegal in india. A resident india cannot trade in foreign currency account or he can not remit money outside india for the...
  2. R

    Opening forex account

    Can any one tell me, can i open forex trading account in alpari[uk] is there any problem to open account
  3. Fx-Tiger

    Forex Trading Questions(Advanced Strategies,etc)

    Forex Questions (Simple Trading, How to Start a Account) Hello Guys, I m Forex-Trader from South India. Started Trading at 2006. So Trading for 4 Years in Real Account. I m happy to help all who is very new to forex from India with simple questions and Answers. The Thread...
  4. Fx-Tiger

    Forex Trading for 4 Years, Fx-Tiger (Ask Anything about Forex)

    Hello All, I m Raj .... I started for Trading at 2006. My Uncles (Twin) are professional traders for 20 years in Forex and Indian Market..I see them and studied with them and now trading on my own with my foreign clients.... I just saw this forum while browsing about Indian...