Hi @curiousv! Based on the recent SEBI circular followed by FAQ from exchanges, there shall be no additional leverage in Cash segment from 1 Aug. Furthermore, client needs to have margin to sell the stocks in Demat account. We shall not be offering any additional leverage for intraday and/or overnight positions. Thanks
I did not understand what do you mean - you said Client needs to have margin to sell the stocks in Demat account?what do u mean by that?
Bhai as per recent sebi circular, you need to have var margin to sell the shares. So, if you have shares in your demat ac and you wish to sell them, guess what, you need to have cash balance equal to var margin. Other members may add too.


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Scalpert is so pathetic. Finvasia guys, have a brokerage plan instead and improve your app. Modification orders doesn't go through, order once placed during market hours are not getting cancelled, frequently getting error that someone else is logged into my account (!), and and demand spreads are always wrong, there is time lag of as much as a minute in order getting through.... Worst is they knowlingly closed NOW and BEST so mobile users have no option left but to use this crap app not updated since 2 years, full of bugs.

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