EurUsd trading diary...every 15 minutes

Hello all, :)

As stated in intro forum i am starting this thread to record my trades of eurusd.
Every day from now on, subject to me being available, I would be giving details about my trades every 15 minutes. Each day first trade will be opened after 10:30 am. After opening of trade, I would be commenting on the details/status of the trade at every close of 15 minute bar. Following actions will be taken after every 15 min candle bar : hold H, add A, close all position CP, close position + new trade C+N . As you may have guessed i will be using the above mentioned letter codes.

lot size : First trade will always be 1 lot,
only one addition after that of size 1 lot,
next we would be looking for exit and may be a new trade.
stop loss : no stop loss :D

There will be no predefined targets and stoplosses, thats the way my system works.

Happy Trading, :thumb:


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One ....more....trader...
Lets see.... How Long you continue your Diary.... (I am saying this because many have opened diary and then left it "including myself"....for various time to post...account going kaput....all bad trade....etc etc...)

Wish You Good Luck and All The Best
ok C+N

reversed the position
at the start of the day whipsaws are expected but strictly folowing my technicals we would be eventually profitable
posting graphs next for reasons behind the trades shortly

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