1. DeusXMac

    EURUSD → Buy Signal → 1.09650 Target

    Buy opportunity in the EURUSD with a target at 1.09650 for a profit of 20 pips.
  2. DeusXMac

    EURUSD → Sell Signal

    Sell opportunity in the EURUSD with a target at 1.09230 for a profit of 20 pips.
  3. tradingwithmike

    EURUSD → Above 1.0945 comes 1.1000

    EURUSD adds to the ongoing optimism and reaches a new three-month peak around 1.0940 at the beginning of the week. The continuation of the upward bias could see the weekly high of 1.0945 (August 30) revisited sooner rather than later. Once cleared, spot could challenge the psychological...
  4. tradingwithmike

    EURUSD → Interim contention emerges around 1.0645

    EURUSD trades in an inconclusive fashion around the 1.0700 region on Thursday. In case the downward bias picks up extra pace, the 55-day SMA at 1.0645 should offer temporary contention prior to the weekly low of 1.0495 (October 13). In the meantime, while below the 200-day SMA at 1.0801, the...
  5. R


  6. T

    NSE has launched Cross Currency pairs like EURUSD etc.

    As NSE has already launched Crosscurrency pairs, does that mean that Forex trading is now legal in India and we can can open trading account with Forex Brokers which is open 24x7 OR we can only trade with Brokers of India between 9 am to 7:30 pm like Sharekhan, Zerodha etc. Please explain.
  7. W

    Am I ready to go live or should I test my system a little longer for a while. ^^^ I am testing one strategy in demo for the last almost 2 months and it is showing pretty good results. Overall strategy is very simple in which I throw random buys and sells on a particular pair (mainly EUR/USD and GBP/USD) keeping...
  8. S

    Todays Tips??

    Can anyone provide me with the todays tips?? Especially - eur/usd, gbp usd, eur/gbp and gold. Thanks in advance.
  9. T

    EurUsd trading diary...every 15 minutes

    Hello all, :) As stated in intro forum i am starting this thread to record my trades of eurusd. Every day from now on, subject to me being available, I would be giving details about my trades every 15 minutes. Each day first trade will be opened after 10:30 am. After opening of trade, I...
  10. T

    Hi from Tejnifty

    Hello Friends, :) My association with traderji as a learner has now been for more than 1 and 1/2 years. I registered here about 6 months back. But now, I would like to contribute from my end. I trade nifty and demo trade on eurusd forex market. From tomorrow, I would be recording my forex trades...
  11. Ivan Urupa

    "Forex Levels" - Trading recommendations, daily forecast on EURUSD and GBPUSD

    Hi all! In this topic, every day, before the opening of the European session I'll publish trading recommendations on two major currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. Analysis and forecasting of currency market is on the system "Forex Levels" which are based on a pair of moving averages, support...
  12. coolbrain

    Forex Calls for 28.07.2011-29.07.2011

    :thumb: Calls for 28.07.2011-29.07.2011 Every night i ll post forex calls,place your orders at once you get them,this call is for indian traders just place your orders at night (IST) I ll provide both buy and sell calls for 2 pairs.Just place the both buy and sell orders at a time,Either one...
  13. ForexWatchers

    EURUSD Forex Forecast (Updated Daily)

    Hello everyone, Here I will be posting our Daily Forecast prediction of our Firm. The charts are easy to read and understand. If you have any questions, please do contact me I will be happy to help if I can. :) Today we expect the EURUSD to head North between the 1.33670 and 1.34099...