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    Natural Gas 15 min Supertrend Method

    NG 15 min Supertrnd strategy 12/5 Buy Sell Profit/loss 264.95 264.43 + .52 259.34 + 5.09 16/5 262.38 +3.04 19/5 260.58 +1.8
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    EurUsd trading diary...every 15 minutes

    Hello all, :) As stated in intro forum i am starting this thread to record my trades of eurusd. Every day from now on, subject to me being available, I would be giving details about my trades every 15 minutes. Each day first trade will be opened after 10:30 am. After opening of trade, I...
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    Quote Tracker 15 Mins Delay

    Hi Everyone, I am using Quote Tracker and found that there is a 15 mins delay when it's pulling data from NSE. There is another thread where this has been answered (http://www.traderji.com/software/7289-free-stock-analysis-software-realtime-eod-data-5.html) however the link shared by...