EIL Bonus share

I am new in Traderji. I have a query,

I have purchased Engineers India Ltd (EIL) shares today (26.03.2010) using my ICICI Direct Demat account. The shares will be delivered to my account only after T+3 days as per ICICI. Please let me know, whether I am eligible for the bonus share and intrim divident as the record date is 29.03.2010. (27 and 28 is holiday).

What will be the price after the split? I have purchased 10 shares of EIL @rs.2478. How many bonus hares will I have after the split and what will be the new value of each share after the record date?
Please give your valuable comments

You are eligible for bonus share as its record date has not yet been announced.

You will get 20 bonus shares.

The price adjust, so usually you dont gain that much immediately.

For eg if you buy at 2400. Then you get 2 bonus share extra. So after bonus issue price comes to around 800.

You will not get interim dividend. You needed to buy it on 25th atleast.

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