1. Theinvestors

    ICICIDirect NEO Brokerage Plan - Actual Charges

    Hi, ICICIDirect seems to be making entry into discount brokerage with ICICIDirect NEO Brokerage Plan. But....there is no clarity about other charges, and they dont have any brokerage calculator on thier site like other discount brokers show. Anyone here using ICICIDirect NEO Brokerage Plan? Can...
  2. P

    Buy order failed

    I am young and new to stock market. Hope someone can help or make me understand. I wanted to place an order for Kansai Nerolac Paints from icicidirect.com, but when ever i do i receive this message "Price entered by you is beyond the price range permitted by exchange.:Please modify your price...
  3. A

    Icici Direct Sell

    hi all, I am a newbie here and have a very important question regarding selling of shares in icicidirect.com. I have brought shares of a company at different rates. Now If i wish to sell off only the high priced shares is there a way for it in icicidirect as they average the rate after...
  4. U

    Reliance natural resources limited not traded ?

    I've 1000 Reliance Natural Resources Limited shares (RNRL) bought in 2010. I heard the company was merged with Reliance power. My ICICI direct account shows me 1000 RNRL shares but I'm not able to sell them as no trading is taking place. Also I'm not able to place order. Portfolio shows 1000...
  5. I

    Margin position, emergency need of cash so cant convert to delivery

    Hi, Using ICICIdirect I bought Sintex Industries at 1435 shares @54.95, as margin buy, yesterday (I just had Rs 18000/- in my account before making the deal). Now when I am trying to sell today, booking loss, 1435 shares, it giving me a mess to convert the pending to delivery (I can't as I...
  6. A

    ICICIDirect - Dos and Donts

    Hello Friends, I have Demate account in ICICIDirect and doing trading for a couple of years (But not too much orders). 1) How can i do short selling in ICICIDirect website? ie., one can sell the stocks even dont have the stock in portfolio, after i buy to compensate. 2) How can i set...
  7. S

    made a 'Maruti 'but lost a Honda in commissions : any good broker out there ...?

    I took a dig and ICICIdirect's F&O and realized the HUGE cost of commissions at Rs 75 / Lot ( That is JUST COMMISSIONS ) other overheard yet to be accessed. So HOW can someone trade in options that are : <> Not expensive <> Whose Market lot # is less e.g. NIFTY when the commission catches...
  8. H

    ICICIDIRECT: Demat allocation issue, shows insufficient funds?

    I had bought following shares through ICICIDIRECT 21-Apr-08 DLFLIM 17-Apr-08 KPISYS 1-Apr-08 RELCOM Problem is I cant see them in 'Demat Allocation' but are visible in 'Portfolio'. If I try to sell them through 'Sell' link in Portfolio section, it says 'Insufficient Funds'. Please advice...
  9. O

    Options contract enabled/disabled for trading by brokers.

    I am with ICICIDirect(I know its sad!). They say "contracts are enabled based on liquidity". For example. MTNL 50 strike July put is disabled by ICICI. I can see their is liquidity in it on NSE's website. Why has ICICI disabled it? Is it enabled by any other brothers? If contracts...
  10. B

    need help on icicidirect call options

    Hi All, Greetings. I am a newbee and need some help with Futures and Options. I use icicidirect. I have bought a call option for for ICICIBAN with strike price 820 and paid premium of 18 Rs/- for 350 shares with expiry date on 24,june Now ICICIBAN is trading at 880+ in the...
  11. A

    how can we do After hours trading with icicidirect ?

    how can we do After hours trading with icicidirect , pls giv infom me in detail , what is procedure for that ???
  12. B

    Convert Resident trading account to NRI at ICICIdirect

    Hi I am an NRI for last few years. I had a Resident ICICDirect account when I was residing in India. I didn't bother to change my account to NRI so far but would like to do it now. Will there be any complications since I have operated my account as a Resident in the last few years.I have...
  13. A

    EIL Bonus share

    I am new in Traderji. I have a query, I have purchased Engineers India Ltd (EIL) shares today (26.03.2010) using my ICICI Direct Demat account. The shares will be delivered to my account only after T+3 days as per ICICI. Please let me know, whether I am eligible for the bonus share and...
  14. N

    What is the brokerage for futures and options in various firms

    Hi guys , I have icicidirect and Reliance money . ICICIdirect is a bit costly as it has a high brokerage and especially for options they charge me approx 250 rs for buying and selling an option lot . So effective i gotta make more than 500 for a purchase to be successful . Can anyone who does...
  15. M

    ICICIDirect Option Trading Brokerage - Experts please help

    Could anyone please shed some light on brokerage calculation (along with all other charges STT, TC etc) for options trading on ICICIDirect with the following scenario.. 1) Buy 100 lots (5000 options) of NIFTY 5700 contract at premium of 4.85 per option and sell 100 lots (5000 options) at...
  16. J

    TradeRacer from ICICI ?

    anyone having any idea about TradeRacer acount from ICICIdirect ?? http://www.icici-direct.co.in/traderacer/ saw a google ad about this while playing moneybhai game :lol: Edit:
  17. A

    Earn profit via Intra day trading ???

    Hi All, I am very much interested to know earnings via intraday, currently i am using ICICIDirect which is directly eating up my profit so indirectly i am incurring loss!.... I want to know how other brokers will charge less brokerage coz i come to know indiainfoline and many...
  18. H

    stoploss and brokers- why do I need to put new stop loss order everyday?

    Hi All, I am a bit curious about the way stoplosses are enforced by various brokers. ICICIdirect is my broker. I normally do position trades that range form weeks to a couple of months. I have however faced many porblems with the way STOP LOSS order is carried out by ICICIdirect. I have to...
  19. M

    offer and bid quantities

    The ICICIDirect site constantly shows offer and bid quantities for a share . Now, I've seen that for some stocks the offer quantity constantly keeps at 5-7 times bid quantity throughout the day. The volume itself is also quite high. (yes bank has followed this trend last 2 days, there were...