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    Effect of bonus shares on stock price

    Query 1: ONGC went ex-bonus on 15th/16th Dec with ratio of 1 share for every 2 shares held. Now that is a very generous allotment and I was of understanding that share price will correct correspondingly. But when I see share price of last 6 months, it has been trading between Rs 150 -...
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    Cost basis for bonus shares

    What is the cost basis for bonus shares? How should I calculate capital gain when I sell bonus shares?
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    Need bonus/split data from 2004

    Dear all, Could anyone please help get me the data of bonus and split for any/all stocks way back from 2004? That is one big hole in my database. I am getting the data myself, and not using any sw. Ideally if you can point to me some URL where it has some kind of file (preferably CSV)...
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    Historical Split/Bonus/Div/Rights data

    Hi All, I am developing a tool where I need historical split,bonus,div data in a usable format. My current data source is NSE website. Their corporate action data is csv file is not in any standard format (It is a mess). If you have this information, for your software/tool can export it...

    Adjusted EOD Data + partnership

    Hi, I am a software engineer and am working on an intelligent trading system development. The most difficult task I found to make a trading system work in Indian stock market is to get accurate daily data, adjusted correctly for stock splits, bonuses, etc. (I have worked on similar systems in...
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    EIL Bonus share

    I am new in Traderji. I have a query, I have purchased Engineers India Ltd (EIL) shares today (26.03.2010) using my ICICI Direct Demat account. The shares will be delivered to my account only after T+3 days as per ICICI. Please let me know, whether I am eligible for the bonus share and...
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    Crompton Greaves (Arbitrage?)

    Today (5/3/2010) towards the end of trading hours, I found that Crompton Greaves futures were trading at at Rs. 10 discount vis a vis cash (Rs 435 vs 445). There was no time to think so I quickly bought one lot of futures, which I got at Rs. 436. Monday (8/3) is the ex date for bonus (3:4)...
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    minimum holding period for bonus n splits

    hi all i wanna know if there is ne minimum specific time period that we have to stay invested in order to take advantage of all the splits n bonus in a particular share is or is it like even if we hav purchased the share few days back n if there is ne split or bonus in that share, we will get...
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    L&T question

    Hi I bought four shares of L&T on 29 september at price 2376 . I was not aware of the bonus issue. The four shares were credited to my account on 1st October. Will I get any bonus share from LT? Seniors pls advise. Thanks Aman