Do you have a market for me to forecast?


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I'm flattered that many people wanted me to start a separate thread from the one I already started at "Some of my forecasts" (I guess it is okay to plug my own thread.) to focus more on markets outside of forex. I did some thinking about all that, and this is what I came up with.

Post in this thread what market ( I don't care what it is. If I got a chart then I'll do the analysis.) you want me to forecast and do my analysis on. If the request is not made in this open forum, then the market won't be forecasted. Also, I encourage dialogue. The catch? I just want relevant dialogue as it pertains to this thread.

Keep in mind. There is a possibility I may not have time to cover everyone's request, but I'll do my best to hammer out as many markets as I have time for.

You may wonder what is there in this for me? Simply put, if I can get in a situation where I can do my analysis and forecasts on markets I do not trade, it helps me to further authenticate my methodology. In turn, it helps me be an even better trader, because my analysis will be proven to work on all markets, and, if my other thread is any indication, this thread is going to get lots of hits, so that tells me many people are watching. Don't think I'm going to mess up.

My background in actual trading is 100% forex. I have traded the DOW a few times, but that bores me. I love forex. So, unless you request one of the 28 major pairs, you will be getting my analysis on a market I do not trade.

I also never (NEVER) sanction anyone to trade just because I say so, or say a market is going up or down. But if it helps us, then we all benefit.

I have been referred to as a guru and many other superlatives, of which I feel flattered. As a metaphor (And you may not believe this), I feel like an ant on a molehill in the land of giants, but I have the confidence of a giant in the land of ants on a molehill.

I don't expect anyone to believe me if you don't know me. Therefore, if we have never met, give me a market to forecast for you, sit back, and enjoy the analysis. Go through the 500+ posts I've already made in this forum, and do some personal testing.

Now that I wrote another post 2 miles long, it's now time for me to sit back, and hear from everyone. I look forward to the journey. BTW, I will still be posting at my other thread
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Thanks for taking your precious time out to help others :thumb:

Yes sure please do put your views on Nifty spot if you have time and keep updating on EUR\USD pair as this is the one i am following and have lot of confusion in finding a proper trend.

Your valuable input on this pair will help me to track this and maybe i can figure out some trend as per my charts to trade.

Thanks again:)


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I published this already in my Weekly Forecast done on my other thread, and my blog:

This pair has broken through, and the DOWN is over. The previous peak at 1.3861 should be challenged and broken, which also means the monthly cloud gets broken into, and the top to be challenged at 1.4198. IMO, there is not much room for a correction to begin the week as 1.3630 now looks solid. For now, 1.4198 looks like solid containment, with the exception of a spike.

It did need the additional leg south, as the dip was 1.3563. It should be heading north the rest of the way.


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This is a post I made at "Nifty Intraday Pivot Points". My WS1 is 5403, and the dip so far this week is 5406. That is the reason for the comment concerning my WS1.
The move from the 6000's to 5222 was predicted because of strong obviations on the daily, weekly, and monthly charts. The dip was actually 5171, then the strong reversal was predicted, and now we will be in a sideways market for awhile. This is because the daily tenken at 5377 should contain and the bottom of the 4-hour cloud has not been hit which is currently 5537 .
Eventually, we should get a topside break to the weekly tenken at 5687. Longer term, we should be be hitting 4900, if not lower

I wouldn't look to anything imminent as far as the predicted move north happening. If anything we are headed east some more.
Having said that, the WS1 still has not been hit, as it came 3 points short, so I think it needs to be hit. We are still flying in mid air as the 4-hour cloud still hasn't been touched. All these elements are indications of a sideways market now and in the ST future.
The stochastics on the daily is getting ready to flip from OB, but it is not smooth, so that indicates we will need get a move with the daily OB implications, but the tenken at 5377 could very well be hit.
What should be happening is that the current sideways action is producing a base which is getting ready for the final leg UP, before the reversal. I still have the weekly tenken at 5687 on the MT radar until something drastic enough happens to make me change my mind.


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Comm4300, now I'm asking for your help. I looked on my GCI demo platform to see if I could find this market. The only one I could see is crude oil, but without the mcx pov attached to it where current price, as of this writing is 101.00. If that is the one you want, let me know, and I'll post it.



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For the benefit ones who are still not used to me, you might see some terms you will not see anywhere else, so I better explain:

Radar--It's in clear view. The obstacles are out of the way, and we are headed there.
Trifecta--When the daily, weekly, and monthly charts are all lining up.
North--Referring to when the pair is headed up.
South--Referring to when the pair is headed down.
East--Referring to when the pair is headed sideways.
Scenic route--When a market makes it to a forecasted point, but in a roundabout way.
Taking the local--It was slow moving to the destination, but the market made it.
Taking the express--We got to the final destination in a hurry.
Apex--The crossing of 2 trendlines.
Containment--That level should be where price stops. It will go no further.
Cluster support or resistance--Different form of S or R found in one place.
Ears popping--When the candle is flying too high above the cloud, so it is due to reverse.
Abyss--Candle is traveling to far under the cloud, so it is due to reverse.
Nuggets--Something special to pay close attention to.
Decision point--A point where it has not been determined if the market will move in the same direction, or reverse.It is a point that usually results in a strong move, one way or the other.
Reaction--When price gets to that point, wait to see how price reacts. It most likely means you can make pips going the contrarian direction, but don't count on the reversal being permanent.
Spike--This is a move that happens at a support or resistance area where the wick of the candle is very noticeable on the other side, but the close is at that level.
Volatility--Action when the candles seem to have no direction, and large wicks will usually accompany them.
W,M.Y, 1,2,3, R,S. Those are all acronyms referring to my S&R's. For example, if I refer to the MS2, I am referring to the 2nd support of the month.

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