Discount Broker Comparison

I just noticed, Kotak Securities also has a zero brokerage plan.

Any reviews on this ?
they have hidden charges of 0.006% on total turnover which is not mentioned anywhere on their site. i have opened account with them and after login to their trading site i read about charges so never deposited any reviews are also very negative.their trade free plan is just trap n they charge more than any traditional broker.
Hi, I need a broker for intraday trading in cash (equity) only. Please recommend.
Then Finvasia, but you can't short sell equities unless you have them in your demat.
It means they are NOT good for intraday trading :)

More suggestion, please!
May I know the reason behind your request?
I am using 5paisa and want to experience if other better broker exist. How is ProStocks for equity cash intraday?
I don't know if I should be looking for new broker after Finvasia tech glitch last week. I am kinda thinking of I should, based on my initial google search these are the ones I am thinking of. How good are these brokers? Can I go ahead with one of them?
* Kotak Securities - 99/- Account opening charges - Nil brokerage for day trading.
How is Kotak securities for day trading? This one is in top of my list for now. 3 in 1 account, there is no clearing charges, don't know if there are any catch/hidden charges once I open the account. There is no clarity on AMC as I am not gonna use demat account. Basic account shouldn't attract any charges, right?
* mStock - 999/- Account opening charges - Nil brokerage; Operating charges - 99/quarter (Something new?)
What's that 2400/- they are talking about while opening account with mStocks? mStocks is just a year old, don't know how they are. Don't know why the account opening charges is this heavy. And I don't buy when anyone say lifetime free. Eventually they will charge something like now they charge operating fee for one, they will sure come up with some new charges.
* Flattrade - 375/- Account opening charges - Nil brokerage.
Since I am looking for more reliable brokers, I don't know if I should be considering this as they are comparatively small.


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Can anyone share there recent experience from Finvasia issue. I am planning to shift to another reliable discount broker, currently with zerodha. They have some deeper issues now. Which I tried to explain but I dont think they care about that now. They havent updated there tradingview charting etc...