Direct Investment in Mutual Funds


I need some advice on investing in mutual funds.I would like to put INR 5 lakhs in MFs to start with.

I am 40 yrs old NRI, married with 2 kids.

I do not want to get too aggressive, and would like to go with balanced funds or MIPs.

Please note that once I select a portfolio (preferably a limited one), I would like to add to that on a regular basis - once a quarter.

Can someone suggest a good portfolio.

Thanks a ton in anticipation.

Welcome to mutual fund investments. You can choose a few like HDFC Prudence, Reliance Regular Savings Balanced. These are some of the best in the balanced category and you can read from
As with all investments, invest using SIP on a monthly or weekly basis for better rupee cost averaging. Invest on different dates of the month. Add to your investments every year. Check back with us after 1 year or so.
Good luck.
I have got Rs 15-20000 Rs my hard earned saved money and cant afford to loose a single penny at all but I want good monthly/quarterly returns on this. So my question is which of the given below Mutual funds is the best for monthly/quarterly returns. Also do I need a demat account in order to purchase these funds. Let me know how much would I get in return if I invest the minimum amount as per the current scheme of that particular fund which you people would mention please

ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
Reliance Top 200 Fund
Reliance Regular Savings-Equity Fund
Canara Robeco Emerging Equity Fund
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund
Canara Robeco FORCE Fund
Canara Robeco Large Cap+ Fund
Reliance Liquid Fund - Treasury Plan

All seniors who have these funds please mention your experience and how much profit you have benefited out of them till date.
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I need inputs on good debt funds.... Pls suggest.
I saw gilt funds are giving better returns as compare to gilt funds... What is difference between them?
I need inputs on good debt funds.... Pls suggest.
I saw gilt funds are giving better returns as compare to gilt funds... What is difference between them?
Hi, you want to know difference between gilt funds and other debt funds??
Debt funds are also suitable for varying durations and invest in various securities. Eg. a liquid fund primarily invests in money market securities and is suitable who wants liquidity comfort.

Gilt funds invest in g secs and are meant for slightly higher duration...

There are ultra short term funds, income funds, dynamic bond funds etc... Do let me know what do you want to know about..

I am planing to invest in Mutual Funds. I am not sure on how MF works can some one help out with this ?
Mutual funds usually pools investors' money to make multiple types of investments which is called portfolio. Some of the examples that make up a mutual fund are stocks, bonds, money market funds etc. Mutual fund is basically managed by a professional investment manager who buys and sells securities for growth of a fund. They are usually made up of many investments. My father prefers mutual fund investments over any other type of investment. He indulges in more of equity mutual funds than other mutual funds. Just to let you know, equity mutual funds are high risk investments and if you want to invest in low risk mutual funds then you can invest in debt mutual funds.
I don't think that this circular will impact any MF's investment through corporate. MF investment is exactly distributing the risk and even if one stock losses in the portfolio the other may gain sharing the risk of loosing. A better investment option than trading in stocks or currencies.