Custom Software Development to Generate Stock and Commodity Calls

As the title says, I can see many software that generates intraday calls but i did not find anyone among them to be perfect for making profits.

What I understand is, if you have experience and good knowledge about Market ups and downs then probably one can opt with their suggestions to developers to develop such software to get predictions automatically.

What do you say about this?


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From programming Back ground I would say this is similar to develop a robo which drives your car with out any accident perfectly.....

I don't think developeing prediction software which much easier than developing an automatic driver robo...:thumb:
I would like to share one of the famous custom software development company Ajoft Technologies.
Ajoft Technologies is an custom software development company specializes in developing software such as scalable software applications, business softwares and other automation softwares.
Also, it is an enterprise level product and applications development company specializing in developing high end scalable software and smart phone products and advanced applications.

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