.............cyber Crime : Help To Fight It.-------------------


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Cyber Crime : Help To Fight It.

Please visit the Central Bureau Of Investigation's website at
" http://cbi.gov.in".
This Organisation is gearing to fight Cyber Crime alongwith Interpol.
I am sure that some of the members on this site can give good suggestions to them
So let us contribute and express our Idea's on their "BLOG" through a link on their site.:eek::eek:
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forget about sellers ,better check your pc...if there is something which you didn't buy then it is illegal to hold it on your pc....

so what next....you should tell now.

Please......I will buy an original XP,will buy original antivirus,anti spyware........I will buy books of trading by paying dollars....till then don't remind me about how I am doing in these regards.
And nobody will talk about cbi in this matter,guys.Understood?

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