CyberMedia IPO

Hi guys...This is Gaurav...a new entry to this forum..very new to the world of stocks..anyone having any idea abt Cyber Media IPO..??? Is it safe to invest?
CyberMedia, India's largest specialty media group is launching a Rs.170 million IPO with a proposed price band of Rs.50-60 per share. CyberMedia has targeted an annual turnover of Rs.750 million for this financial year as against Rs.581 million achieved in FY 2003-04.

As part of its growth strategy multiple initiatives to expand globally in the knowledge, media and services domain are being undertaken by the company to address the fastest growing segments. The growth is planned in the media business as well as the media services business of CyberMedia.

The Media Services arm of CyberMedia, focused on the content BPO business in the US and European markets, is planning an upscale of its operations. The worldwide BPO market is slated to touch the Trillion Dollar mark by 2006. The Indian BPO sector revenue, which was $3.6 billion for 2003-04, is expected to grow by 40% in 2004-05. The content BPO work is a significant portion of this business estimated at around $500 million. CyberMedia's media services arm has planned geographical diversification in the rapidly growing markets.

Established 1982, CyberMedia is South Asia's first and largest specialty media house, with nine publications in the infotech, telecom, consumer electronics and biotech areas; and an end-to-end media value chain including the internet, events and television. The group's media services include market research, content outsourcing, multimedia, gaming and media education.

The group's Media business includes the print titles Dataquest, PCQuest, Voice&Data, BioSpectrum, Living Digital, DQ Channels India, DQ Week (Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai). is India's largest technology website and includes online editions of all CyberMedia titles. CyberMedia Events, the region's largest organizer of IT events, conducts over 100 events every year, including Bangalore, Nasscom, IT Kerala, Hi-Tech Pune, etc. CyberMedia TV develops knowledge-oriented general interest programs on mass channels.

In the Media business, CyberMedia proposes to launch two international publications thereby becoming the first Indian media house to launch global publications.

CyberMedia is planning to launch "Global Outsourcing", a magazine which will reach out worldwide to buyers of BPO services. The publication will comprehensively cover this rapidly expanding market. Global Outsourcing would address outsourcing issues from a global perspective.

CyberMedia also plans to take BioSpectrum, India's largest Biotechnology publication, global, with its launch in Singapore. This is in line with the phenomenal biotechnology industry growth rate of 39% and India's increasing expertise in this arena.

CyberMedia has also applied to the Govt of India for permission for the launch of Business Week in India. This publication would aim at the rapidly globalising Indian companies so that they have up-to-date knowledge on global trends alongwith an Indian perspective.

These multiple initiatives of a focused global expansion in the knowledge, media, services domain makes CyberMedia unique in its global expansion as India's only specialty media house.

Media Services include IDC India, the leading IT and telecom research company in the region; CyberMedia Services (content and publishing BPO services); CyberMedia Research, which focuses on the media and entertainment sectors; Cyber MultiMedia, the multimedia and gaming development and distribution company; and the School of Convergence, for content creators and media managers.
Guys all said and done i dont think it is wise to invest in Cybermedia IPO cos I dont find any strong ground for their expansion
Hi since Cybermedia is launching a new products in BPO and biotechnology areas, both growth areas, the issue whould take-off. Other positives, launching Business Week in India.
naveenji said:
Why is there no news on the CyberMedia IPO??
I have invested 24,000/- in that....

Is it involved in any scam??
heyy guys the allotment has been done...i got 229 alloted...i had applied 400 shares...i enquired abt the listing date.....IT WILL BE LISTED AROUND 7 or 8 June...all da best to those who've invested.


I applied 400 and got 229 too. Awaiting listing! Wonder when it is...

What could be the target price for this stock? This seems to be one of those least "spoken off" IPOs !

- Rajiv

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