crude oil day trading ---TARGET 10 % MONTHLY

strategy used : ADX indicator only (it is a trend indicator)

type of trading: only day trading

STOP LOSS : 10 points only

TARGET : 30 points

risk : reward ratio == 1 : 3

Trading days : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday.

Wednesday is inventory day. so no trading.

hi frds,
i think most of the traders known about ADX.
i am also learning about ADX from here (traderji).
after some little changes in is very useful for me for day trading.
from Tuesday on wards i am posting my trades with graph and result.

Strategy : i will explain it later.....after some trades.

investment : 25,000/- only
Target : 2,500/- month
Quantity : 5 mini lots
margin for 1 mini lot : at present it is 2000 plus (day trading)
risk per trade : 500/- (2 %)
reward per trade : 1,500/- (6 %)
for my 10 % monthly target i need only two successful trades in around 18 trading days ( inventory day ==no trading)
##Sir you have not cleared how to when to enter when to exit.

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