day trading strategy

  1. N

    using MA crossovers to form a day trading strategy..?

    Hi guys... I am trading almost a yr now...but very little on my own. now i actually want to form a strategy using MA crossovers... I am not saying it should be a standalone strategy. so i need help from all of you...what are other indicators or price action, that can be used along with MA...
  2. U

    Trading challenge - 1 to 2

    Hi everybody, This challenge is to double the money this quarter (OCT 2018 to DEC 2018). The system is an automated system based on this thread. Details Starting Capital - 130000 Leverage - 5 Capital to be compounded weekly Start date: 1st OCT 2018 End date: 31st DEC 2018 Max drawdown...
  3. C

    crude oil day trading ---TARGET 10 % MONTHLY

    strategy used : ADX indicator only (it is a trend indicator) type of trading: only day trading STOP LOSS : 10 points only TARGET : 30 points risk : reward ratio == 1 : 3 Trading days : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday. Wednesday is inventory day. so no trading. hi...
  4. V

    How to trade on pivot point?

    How to trade on pivot point for intraday trading in Indian stock market and is it possible to make profit monthly from day trading?
  5. manishchan

    Day Trading Futures

    It is sad to see the most active thread of TR closed. It was a great way to keep in touch with all the experienced, amatuer newbees traders and share learning/experience/method etc. Starting this thread for 2 reasons : - After lots of part time trading and paper trading, I start my fulltime...
  6. M

    New to trading

    Hi , I am new to trading... With out knowing any basics of stock market , I invested in day trading and lost money with in short span of Time.. Kindly suggest me some day trading tips.. Thanks in advance
  7. R

    Simple Trading Strategy

    This is a simple trading strategy that can be used if one has access to a trading terminal : * After 15 minutes of the market open, sort the stock on the basis of % gainers or loosers. * Check the Nifty if trading positive or negative. * If the Nifty is 20 points positve, go long on a...
  8. C

    Dear all

    Day trading I have seen that whenever a stock price increases suddenly to a high rate (7 to 10%), it can not sustain to that high price after that it goes down to some percentage. For example on 02-03-12 Check FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES . Within 15 min period its price 40 rs increased. after...
  9. T

    Journal : Day Trading for fun

    Have been primarily trading in options mainly as option buyer (both call and put). After playing for quite some time in options segment, thought of trying my hands at day trading equities. Idea is to start with low capital, and high leverage and try for couple of days. I'm an experienced...
  10. T


    Thanks for registering in the Forum My interest in Day Training and investment I welcome suggestions for improving trading shares Also can seniors advise regarding high speed wireless broadband internet which is economical also Thanks & regards tomraj
  11. T

    Help with charts

    Attached is todays hourly chart of SPY. Nice trending day!!, isn;t it? However, i need someone to help me with a day like this, how can i avoid being whipsawed at the red bar, highlighed in green colored oval? Appreciate your feedback.
  12. S

    MphasiS movements

    Dear All, can someone comment on the rapid movements of Mpahsis Software scrip, specially intrady perspective. Are ther more similar moving scrips in the market.