crude oil day trading ---TARGET 10 % MONTHLY

strategy used : ADX indicator only (it is a trend indicator)

type of trading: only day trading

STOP LOSS : 10 points only

TARGET : 30 points

risk : reward ratio == 1 : 3

Trading days : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday.

Wednesday is inventory day. so no trading.

hi frds,
i think most of the traders known about ADX.
i am also learning about ADX from here (traderji).
after some little changes in is very useful for me for day trading.
from Tuesday on wards i am posting my trades with graph and result.

Strategy : i will explain it later.....after some trades.

investment : 25,000/- only
Target : 2,500/- month
Quantity : 5 mini lots
margin for 1 mini lot : at present it is 2000 plus (day trading)
risk per trade : 500/- (2 %)
reward per trade : 1,500/- (6 %)
for my 10 % monthly target i need only two successful trades in around 18 trading days ( inventory day ==no trading)


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My issue: 10 points sl is pretty easy to touch. Candles in the evening session will generally have 6-7 rupee range so 2-3 candles can easily touch your sl. You will get stopped out because of noise itself.
yes...10 points sl is very easy to hit.

i will explain about that 10 points sl......after some trades.

i mean ....i already tested with that 10 points sl in december with one mini lot in live market.

the results are positive.

so after a trade completed ...i will explain with the graph and also my trading result ( entry point, exit point.....screenshot of trade result)


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On the other hand, it makes sense.

I analyzed my one year journal recently. I trade a lot of crude. I've found that 99% of my losses are either below 10 pips or above 25 pips.

So closing at 10 makes sense. Yea, it might hit a couple of times but it's better than losing 25 pips right?
hi goldenedge...... are right....10 points is better to hit couple of times.other than 25 points in a single trade.
from today on wards my day trading is started.
yesterday U.S market was closed.that's why no trading yesterday.

i think around 8-12 calls per month only.....
hiii frd
1 st trade is completed.

buy at 3687 at 2.00 pm

exit at 3717 at 2.43 pm

but i want to tell you something about result in the image.
actually nickel bought at morning with another strategy (ORB).
but it was a loss trade.
after that when signal is came as per adx strategy
i bought 10 crude mini for covering that nickel loss of 900 rs.
so 10 crude mini buy at 3687.
sell 5 mini at 3607 for loss recovery in nickel.
another 5 mini close at 3717. as per 30 points from buy that is 3687 .
total profit ==rs. 1,600/-
that means 6 % from my capital 25,000/-
one more trade is enough to reach target 10%.
actually i trade a risky trade today.
i mean 10 mini with 25,000 capital is very risk.
next time i will try to avoid over trading.

in the graph no adx indicator.
i will add after some trades with explanation.
2 nd trade
buy at 3654 in the morning at 12.40 pm
but closed at 3647 at 1.15 pm
with a loss 7 points

3 rd trade

crude buy at 3664 at 3.00 pm

crude sell at 3693 at 4.05 pm

in the above images you can check the trade details.

total 10 mini traded.

5 mini loss at morning with 7 points.
5 mini close with a profit of 29 points.
total 22 points profit.

trade points are also there.

i mean buy rate, sell rate , total quantity traded...etc.....

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