Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?


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being working in the healthcare documentation field for the past 12 years, being a trader, and also an amateur researcher, i thought i could contribute some input from my knowledge as a fellow human being.. reading all the news and other videos and literature, i knew i could find a pattern for the cure.. what makes this coronavirus immune to any conventional antivirals we use is how they affect the human cells... they connects through something called ACE2 in a cell, which is new, as per study.. which could be a mutation it developed over the time. but eventually human antibodies find its presence and act, but the above process gives less time for our antibodies to recognize the foreign cells.. but eventually our body will learn about it and attack back; and in a healthy body, for the most part our immunity will win, and in elders with weak immunity, it could become fatal, contributed by stress and lack of proper attention or not seeking medical attention.

A large part of people who lost to the virus had had hypertension, which weakens our own immunity.. stress can weakens our natural immunity and delay the time our natural immunity take to find and fight the viruses.. i am christian, and our visitors room had a 'verse board' on the wall saying, "the Lord with fight for you, you need only to be still"... seeing it while thinking about a possible cure, i think i might have found a pattern... that, since the development of vaccine for this unknown infectious process would take time, the only cure we have with us is "leveraging our own natural immunity". if healthy people never hinder their immunity with stress, and undergo right treatment modalities at the time by medical team, then the body will develop its cure... our body is the greatest machine in the universe... no planet or solar systems have another self-sufficient self-sustaining natural machines called living body (yet to be found if any)... on this lines, our Indian govt is doing excellent work to prevent fatalities by providing excellent comfort and medical care to the patients.. and taking proactive measures to prevent further spread..

but we do need to prevent community transmission, because there are lot of people who have weak immune system. from my thought, we can help the critical, elderly covid patients through plasma therapy from cured healthy patients... another problem in this is blood type... if right blood type not found, a healthy volunteer can courage him/herself for creating antitoxin in their body by being exposed to it and cured from it knowingly... (this is my theoretical suggestion, and would work out as per my view)...

anyway the only cure we have at our hand is leveraging our own natural immunity and defeat this virus, while preventing community spread.. then this would become like any other temporary health issue

Ps; i have only traderji as my social site, so sharing this here... i just want anyone to take this only as my thought, not as my recommendation... don't want to spread anything wrong.. thanks..

Edit: I am talking this from a broader perspective. different individuals may need different level of medical attention. It's admirable how Chinese govt fought this disease effectively in their country with strong measures, which may have delayed spreading of the disease to some extent...

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Website To Monitor Coronavirus Self-quarantine Cases Developed In Pune; Cases Reach 112
GENERAL NEWSThe district administration in Pune has developed a website to keep track of those who have been put under self-quarantine amid Coronavirus
Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On: March 16, 2020 11:09 IST

The district administration in Pune has developed a website to keep track of those who have been put under self-quarantine. The website also provides a platform to report on potential patients amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Website to monitor cases
Any citizen or doctor can register and access the website by providing a mobile number which will be verified through an OTP. The website has been developed by Ayush Prasad, Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Pune. Speaking to ANI, he said, "We have developed a, this will work in two ways. First, if a citizen wants to inform that he has recently returned from a foreign trip or he has been put on home-based quarantine by a doctor then he or she can self-report via the website. Moreover, he or she has to inform us in every 12 hours regarding the home-based quarantine. The local authorities and medical fraternities will be informed that the person is following the rules for home-based quarantine."

He added, "In the second case if a person visits a doctor and doctor finds him a potential suspect of COVID-19, he can refer to us. We take the patient's number so that we are able to contact him or her. This is an easy way for large scale monitoring of people. Moreover, the website will help the administration get feedback on a real-time basis. We can be in contact with the people who are on home-bases quarantine."
Don't know whats getting into these patients for making them do this running away from hospitals

also wonder why does family/friends supporting them in doing it



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Don't know whats getting into these patients for making them do this running away from hospitals

also wonder why does family/friends supporting them in doing it

some might be scared of life, others may be due to expenses... others who running from govt hospitals, must be going to private thinking they will get better comfort..

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