Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

It seems to me that the first hype around this problem has already passed and everything is slowly calming down, of course this is an exciting event and it definitely has consequences, but in any case the world is more or less coping with it, which means that the market situation will soon stabilize.
I would agree with you. As governments across the world are taking necessary meausures, i too feel it will be controlled sooner or later.


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The number of NEW infections are only going up every day. As of now it is only getting worse .... at least outside China.

Edit: On checking country wise the rising trend is same for all with cases above 150~200 above


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Had to delete the first posting, as the link I posted was already mentioned in this thread. Sorry.

So make a new one in edited mode:

Now coming up with an other, very interesting link which is a "Map Tim-elapse of Coronavirus", so far updated until 10 of March 2020. It gives an idea about the different and how conterminous and deadly this virus is compare to "Sars" and the "Swine Flue". And as all this diseases come from China, this should make all of us thinking about the hygienic situation in this country and the handling of how they do with exotic animals. Only thing to say: Just horrible.
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