Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?


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Here a bit some thing to relax and even to smile about the word "Coronavirus". Not sure how famous "Asterix and Obelix" in India is, over here it is known from all.

Did Asterix predict the coronavirus outbreak? :DD


That is the claim that some people have been making on social media after they picked up on a familiarly-named character from a 2017 comic book – Asterix and the Chariot Race.

In the book, by the new Asterix artist-writer duo Didier Conrad and Jean-Yves Ferri, the popular ancient Gaulish characters Asterix and Obelix enter an international race in which their main rival for first prize is a masked driver called Coronavirus.

Coronavirus, who has the same name in the original French and in the English translation, is the Roman entrant and Roman leader Julius Caesar puts pressure on the organisers to let him win for the honour of Rome.

He is acclaimed by the crowds who yell his name, but as usual the Gaulish heroes thwart Caesar’s plans.
Commentators wondered if the Asterix authors were psychic, showing the characters defeating 'Cornonavirus' years before the word became a household name.

In reality however the word has existed since the 1960s as a scientific term.There are many kinds of coronavirus, such as the SARS virus that hit headlines in 2002-2003, or the current one known formally as COVID-19.

They are so-called because of the crown-like shape of the viruses when viewed under a microscope.




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Predictable or not, one thing is certain. We believe we are the kings and queens here, but the earth belongs to many other species too. Our population strength can become miniscule before that of microorganisms, which are also evolving, perhaps rapidly than humans. We know some of them in bacteria, called superbugs. MRSA is one of known in them. Several species of animals may have many weird microorganisms in them, harmful and helpful for them. It's their body's ecosystem. But consuming such animals by humans would be like believing we are fishes and wanting to live underwater..


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17-Year-Old Figures Out How To Put All The Data About Coronavirus Into One Website And Now Millions Are Using It

Meet 17-year-old Avi Schiffmann. He created a website that tracks the spread of the coronavirus and provides facts about the illness

Avi, who goes to Mercer Island High School, launched his website in December 2019 and has been tinkering with it ever since. His website updates the number of people affected by the illness every 10 minutes by collecting and cross-referencing data from sources such as the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as local health departments.

Avi’s website has been visited millions of times

Image credits:

“I thought it would be cool if there was a website that could pull in all the information from all kinds of sources,” the teenager told TODAY. “I mainly wanted to create something that would show the data as accurately as possible because there has been a lot of misinformation.”

He continued: I’m always adding new features. It’s going to adapt as it goes along. In the future, it might be less interesting to know there are five cases in France. We might be more interested in knowing the percentage increase from last week to this week.”

It provides up-to-date information about the coronavirus…

Image credits:

According to the teen, people send him messages if they spot anything inaccurate. “A while ago, there was a massive bug, where it doubled all the numbers of coronavirus cases. And I got hundreds of messages. But overall, I’ve done a good job of managing my server.”

He also included the numbers of people who’ve recovered from the coronavirus to show a more nuanced picture of the situation.

Full Article:


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Interesting to watch with the following in mind, written from "3blue1brown":

While the intent here is to give a lesson on exponential and logistic growth as general phenomena, with epidemics as a timely case study, there are a few notes worth adding when it comes to epidemics themselves. Probably the most important, mentioned only as a small on-screen note, is that these models should account for the amount of time someone with the virus remains infectious. Those who recover (or die) are no longer able to spread it, and so don't factor into the growth equation. The faster the growth, the less this matters, since at each point on the curve most people with the virus will have only contracted it recently, but especially in the long run or with slower growth, any realistic model has to consider this. The other factor, which I was hesitant to even get into here, is the extent to which reported cases reflect real cases.

Generalizing away from epidemics, though, the key upshot is to be aware of phenomena where the rate of growth is proportional to the size of the thing growing. Compound interest, technological progress, population growth, and many other things fit this pattern, and it's shocking how bad our intuitions can be at recognizing

Exponential growth and epidemics

After you watched it you may really want to read the comments.



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Coronavirus: Whole of Italy put on lockdown as doctors face 'war' with virus
(Tuesday 10 March 2020 06:29, UK)

Italy's PM extends restrictions to the whole of the country, saying: "The future depends on us and everyone must do their part."

The whole of Italy is being put on lockdown as the country tries to stop the spread of coronavirus.

All public gatherings will be banned, sports events including football matches are suspended, and movement is being severely restricted across the nation in a bid to contain COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.

Italian media is reporting that moments after the announcement, supermarkets were stormed by people frantically buying up food and other essentials.

Italy is Europe's worst-hit nation in the outbreak with 463 virus-related deaths, an increase of almost 100 in a 24-hour period, and more than 9,000 confirmed infections in just over two weeks.

Until 3 April, around 60 million people will effectively be under quarantine by the strict measures which had already been introduced in northern and some central areas over the weekend.

Here the full article:

It seems to me that the first hype around this problem has already passed and everything is slowly calming down, of course this is an exciting event and it definitely has consequences, but in any case the world is more or less coping with it, which means that the market situation will soon stabilize.
Well, you know, the market has long lacked a certain shake that could make a difference. It's quite expected. But I would wait for a more accurate assessment of the situation, I would not like to go for what is already obvious, it seems to me that there are still many surprises ahead of us.

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