Consistent profits using Trendlines


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For all those who are fed up with fancied indicators--

I just use Trendlines on 3 min chart....i will post the chart with TLs

Any one can decipher clearly how it works.....come back if u have Qs

The horizontal lines are Pivots marked on 30 min TF

Comments and Criticisms are always Welcome ! ;)
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Let us create our own Victors

I always wonder whether GOD plays Banknifty for 20 many places, i see 20 pts which can be taken...just 20

I have been trading these kind of trendlines for quite some time now and found highly successful...barring some days...

I will have an eye on 10 ema as well as volume

Have a look at the 04th aug pic of Banky


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Let us put those learned and purists on the sidelines...for those who make consistent daily losses, i suggest u to try and draw these simple trendlines and try out for urself....bcos i have also come from those graves....

My style is to take out first 20 in banky and do couple of trades like that and shut shop.


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In my experience, not only trend lines, any such thing would work, provided they have been applied with good discipline and money management.

I started with so many indicators, did research many a thing, at last, I found myself that consistent discipline would give consistent profits, nothing else could.

I know I am not a trader with two horns, still I know that I am not too dumb.

Happy Trading


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First 2 trades of 12th Oct

Trade 1 - Arbitrary trade--Look at the volume...spike in volume at the earlier high level. So ppl are selling more at that level. So shorted at the low of that candle and covered with 20 pts

Trade 2 - Breach of TL, below 10ema, Falling 30 min pivot...covered with 20 pts

Scenario1 - there was this possible Short where i have marked in pink. I didnot trade this short though...look at the volume

Trade3 - Marked in green and red arrow...Long at around 8800 level...bcos of breach of 2 TLs there and trailed at the lows of every subsequent candle...came out at 8900...clear 100 pts (see attchment)...done for today

Scenario2 - See the spiking volume when price touches the TL... more sellers at resistance levels...if we had shorted, then we wud have got that 20pts


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See the image of 14th Oct,

Trade1- short, close below 10ema and the break of rising TL....u get 20 pts exact

Trade 2 - Long, close above 10ema and break of falling TL - u again get 20 pts

See the volume at around 11 30AM....ppl are buying at supports

Lots of TL plays on 14th oct :clap:

Point A - Rising TL and 30 min pivot R1 there. I usually dont short there, as we dont know whether that TL is going to be broken. See the Volume there.

Point B- ppl who saw point A TL and volume there and decided to short at point B, can cover at C which gave >20 pts

Point D-Short-Break of TL and close below 10Ema...this time 40 pts at point E. See the volume at Point E, where the earlier support level lies and also 30 min pivot S2.

Point F- Long, Break and close above falling TL and close above 10 ema, got > 20 pts at point G, where there is a TL.

Look at the volume at Point G, TL resistance and ppl selling there.


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Trades on 16th Oct

Was indeed a tough day to trade...except for the initial long trade.

A- Close above the TL as well as Long trade

B- Short trade-Anitcipated 20 pts never came...SL hit close to the entry point

C- Long trade...again SL hit but close to entry point

D- Was a risky trade, but paid off...cud get that 20 pts (volume hike in support at band bottom)

E- Price closed again into the band...and also below 10ema...short trade ..tgt achieved

After the initial upmove, price held on to the band through the day...

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