trend following

  1. T

    Trend Following or Fixed Target Percentage in Intraday

    Hey, Which technique do you follow in Intraday trading and why? Is it Fixed target or Trend following. Thanks
  2. V

    New Style for Intraday Trading

    A New Style of Trading which gives attractive entries and has higher Probabilities of winning. Profit Booking should be very quick. Requirements: Heiken Ashi Candles, Camerilla. Scan the Heiken Ashi Candles which has wick on both the sides(Should be in Daily TF). This Signifies the script is...
  3. M

    Required materials for advanced trend trading techniques

    I am a technical analyst and I concentrates on trend trading strategies. I have a pretty good idea about trend trading techniques but now i want to learn more advance strategies and techniques for improving this method. My idea is to improve the efficiency of trend trading method. Can you...
  4. M

    How to predict the ending of a trend

    Is there any indicator and techniques (no moving averages) to predict the ending of a trend (up or down)
  5. C

    Has AshokLeyland made a double top.

    Has Ashok Leyland Made a double top at weekly charts. Can any body verify it please
  6. sdalal

    GOLD v/s USD.: changing co-relation

    Gold -Short situation. Gold ,yesterday was volatile and played in both direction with high of 1068$ and Low of 1044.Close 1065. $1070-75 range is resistance for gold.Short Gold in current position keeping Stop Loss of $1077. Down side target is 1044,1025. May on monday and tuesday the gold...
  7. shanki99

    Consistent profits using Trendlines

    For all those who are fed up with fancied indicators-- I just use Trendlines on 3 min chart....i will post the chart with TLs Any one can decipher clearly how it works.....come back if u have Qs The horizontal lines are Pivots marked on 30 min TF...