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    Dear Friends, I believe trendline is a power tool in Technical Analysis. I am a learner and my main aim is to use trendline only for decisions in trading. I am requesting the Senior, respectable traders to share their knowledge, ideas on trendlines in this thread. So it will be helpful...
  2. M

    Chart Examples of Uttam's Method of Selling (UMS)

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to examples & discussion of UMS method. To know more about UMS or Uttam's fantastic work, please visit this thread To know more about UMS, Please Click here Uttam: Hope you will like this initative. I wish if you can review (time permitting) various...
  3. sdalal

    NIFTY: Ready for retrace

    NIFTY DAILY CHART SOME BOUNCE BACK EXPECTED , As nifty has testing the support not one but support we are intersecting each other.
  4. shanki99

    Consistent profits using Trendlines

    For all those who are fed up with fancied indicators-- I just use Trendlines on 3 min chart....i will post the chart with TLs Any one can decipher clearly how it works.....come back if u have Qs The horizontal lines are Pivots marked on 30 min TF...