Commodities Forecasting Views ! Crude,Ngas,Base Metals ETC.


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HI My name is Murali Krishna &iam a Commodities trader and I like to post my views in this thread of various commodities we trade..Hope you like it and share your ideas aswel.


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MY target is 4345@ day support..below that is bearish trend daily.

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Sorry, didnt get it.
When do you expect 4345 to reach.
Intraday ???
Not intraday..i do analyse on 4H&daily combination ..
A suggestion
When posting a contra trade or even otherwise, when target level is far off, then you should atleast mention, the time span, in which the posted level is likely to reach.
That is, as in present context, it will be a better idea to post that 4345 is likely to reach in 1-2 days, 5 days, 10 days etc etc

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