natural gas

  1. Mukr

    Commodities Forecasting Views ! Crude,Ngas,Base Metals ETC.

    HI My name is Murali Krishna &iam a Commodities trader and I like to post my views in this thread of various commodities we trade..Hope you like it and share your ideas aswel.
  2. T

    Commodity Trading everyday live

    Hi All Starting this thread to trade in commodity every day and test the strategy which I have

    Energy Scalper -->Pure Price Action

    Here I am going to update my scalping trades based on Price. No Indicators, No technical, No fundamentals, No charts, No support/ Resistance levels. Will trade only in Crude oil & Natural Gas. Capital: 1lakh Lots: 2 Lots Min Target: God Knows. Duration: 1 month No positional...
  4. G

    Natural Gas 15 min Supertrend Method

    NG 15 min Supertrnd strategy 12/5 Buy Sell Profit/loss 264.95 264.43 + .52 259.34 + 5.09 16/5 262.38 +3.04 19/5 260.58 +1.8
  5. madhavareddy1203

    Only NG..... Scalper Trading

    Calls only On NG. Short targets and small SL. Target 1 to 2 points. SL: 2 points. Just i will Give details about Long or Short price. U Have to Book ur self. if any calls fail Double ur qty in next call. ex: if u trade with 2 lots. if call fail in next call 4 lots. if this call also fail 8...
  6. A

    From zero to hero in trading natural gas without any loss no ta or chart required

    First of all who are trading in commodities check your chart what happens to MCX Natural gas every thursday between 9 pm to 9.30 pm ist. This occurs every thursday every thursday repeatedl at the same time all Technical Analysis is failed and all chart reading fails why? I will answer this...
  7. A

    HI this is Sanjay Kumar Singh

    Hi I am sanjay kumar singh basically a commodity trader since last 14 years. I will be posting the trades basically related to Natural Gas
  8. M

    natural gas inventory data needed

    hi frds i need natural gas inventory data for every week. please tell me . there is any sites to provide inventory dataa. thanx in advance.
  9. M

    Investing in Oil/Natural Gas ETFs

    I want to invest in Oil/Energy ETFs in India - I am not sure where to start from though. Any pointers to which funds to invest in will be appreciated. Thanks Mayank