commodities trading tips

  1. Mukr

    Commodities Forecasting Views ! Crude,Ngas,Base Metals ETC.

    HI My name is Murali Krishna &iam a Commodities trader and I like to post my views in this thread of various commodities we trade..Hope you like it and share your ideas aswel.
  2. S

    If you are New to share market

    Just stand in a crowd and utter the words “aaj market kaisa hai?” (how is the market today?), and there will be opinions pouring in from all directions. The best part is that even people who have never ever invested in shares will have strong opinions and even tips at times for how to invest in...
  3. J


    1) My trading/investing experience is 3 years 2) Two years i have been investing or trading in the markets. 3) My area of interest - Commodities. 4) Call received from Brokers then only make trading decisions. 5) Refer from my friends.
  4. R

    How to invest in physical gold or gems ?

    Hello, Can anyone please guide in how to invest in expensive physical gold or gems. The best way to buy and trade them, any credit facility, etc... Thanks, Rahul
  5. C

    celebrus commodities

    We are extremely happy launched Indias most popular commodities trading network that gives unparalleled research support, state-of-the-art trading platform and 24/7 client support. The unique feature that sets Celebrus different from other commodity brokers is the highly...
  6. J

    Trading Tip #3: A Little Lesson in Lingo

    The Weekend Commodities Review Energies Crude oil has become so closely tied to the global economic outlook that the demand side pressure is seemingly outweighing the supply side premium. That means a strong dollar and weak global demand outlook should push oil prices below $90. Gasoline...