1. Mukr

    Commodities Forecasting Views ! Crude,Ngas,Base Metals ETC.

    HI My name is Murali Krishna &iam a Commodities trader and I like to post my views in this thread of various commodities we trade..Hope you like it and share your ideas aswel.
  2. H

    How can the prices for base metals be different at Exchanges

    How the prices vary between LME and SHFE..? What is to stop someone from purchasing physical aluminium from the cheaper exchange and then selling it at the higher priced one.
  3. K

    Is there a (nearly) 24 hour charting solution for Aluminium, Lead and Zinc

    Hello, Is there a free 24 hour charting solution for Aluminium, Lead or Zinc? I have found (nearly) 24 hour charting for Gold, Silver and Copper via Broco Trader (thanks to @shivamyogi for the information) and they are more accurate than charts from MCX's 13 1/2 hours. Aluminium, Lead and...