Come into the Trader's Den

* Define BIG.
* Yes, you can recover.
* Yes, there are people bounced back.
Thank you nac,

For the encouragement. I have been reading all the stuff here on TJ and my confidence is increasing day by day.
I thought to start a thread here as trading dairy to be disciplined with my trading
coming to imp things

if u are thinking to recover overnight then surely u cant do it
do u have studied y u lost money since 1 yr
plan the recover take proper MM and trade particular setups it will be not difficult infact u would be amazed to see what happens if u follow these :thumb:
Hi Gandhar,
Not at all thinking to recover overnight for sure.
Yes I studied, due to very poor money management and aggressive trading I have Lost.
Yes I am planning and learning all these simple setups which can make me recover. As I have been able to make 20K to 23K last month.
Thank you very very much for your support.
* Define BIG.
* Yes, you can recover.
* Yes, there are people bounced back.
12 lakhs loss in first year is too much even for big pockets. now with your 20K you can experiment/learn a method which suits you.
a id named stock72 had lost more than you but was able to recover the losses
nothing is impossible :thumb:
Thank you all nac, TraderRavi, Gandhar
I am sure there is a possibility and there are more people who did recover in the past so will I. that is what I wanted to know. This is the right place to come and tell ur tale


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Good Evening Friends , after a long time writing a post on Trader ji. Near about four year back i was trying to learn trading but due to lack of discipline & not focusing on specific strategy could not make my way to stock market trading , now a days doing trading on pharma products as a dealer . But Still likes Stock Market very much.

Thanks & Regards for all Seniors who helped me earlier.
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