Orderflow Trader's Scalping Trade Diary


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Hi to all,

Just want to update my orderflow based trade observation @ MCX Segments.

Orderflow Tools - Gomi OFA Tool (Paid)
RT Data - True Data
Broker - Zerodha
Capital - Rs 98,000
Trading Scripts - MCX Segment especially Crude Mini
Target Per Month - 10% to 15% (1000 to 1500 Points)
Strategy - Intraday Scalping and Swing based on Price Action



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Step 1 : Marking Important Previous levels, using Multi Time Frame Chart
HTF - D1H1
LTF - H1 & 15 mnts
TTF - 3 Mnts (PA Strategy Jargon Courtesy - TJ Member Jagdeesh Chanda koli)

PDH - 3868
PDL - 3726
PDC - 3767
POC (Point of Control) - Any methods as per ur Comfort.,
Simply Calculate - PDH+PDL/2
3868+3726/2 = 3797
So POC - 3797..
Some Software uses different logic, @ Market Profile POC and NinjaTrader TPO Chart POC values having some variations., So let it fix any one.
5.12 TP.jpg

Here using both software, based on these two calculation.

POC Value for today trading session - 3778 (NT) 3780 (AMI)

poc 5.12.png



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Today Open Price seems different at Normal Crude and Mini Lots
Normal - 3765
Mini - 3720., So Which Open Price should be taken for today?
Prefer method - First minute Traded Average Price (10.01) I 'm using Nest Trader's VWAP Value - 3709 or
Authorised Data Vendors RT Data of 10.01 Bar Average


5.12 OPEN.png


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Hi bro , Pls post entry time bid and ask candles detail
Hi yachusai,
found some unusual move,@ 12.20 so based on these levels 'll plan my scalp trades., these levels should retest after some times based on its locations.

stop hunt1.png

dbottom 1.png

After retest the previous hunt level, Price 'has to move ,from double bottom level, so focus on long trades, @3700 range, stop level DB Level 3693,94 with few ticks as a filter.
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After some break, try to update this diary, ledger was deep red due to Some blind bad trades without any logic, Again slow and steady recovering..

Trade Plan for 17.01.19
PDH - 3744
PDL - 3645
POC - 3695

CRUDEOILM_I 17.1.png


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Type of Open - Gap down Open around 35 points.
Bias - Consider POC as a reference line or a decision point
So, below POC Open,
Type of Trades -High Probability for Continuation Trend Trade

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