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Dear Sir, Can u pl help me in finding the right place where i can try paper trading ??

Right Place? Umm... Have you tried chair and table - with a computer screen on it? :p :lol:

(Don't mind. Today's holi. So I am being jovial, Mr Jovial! ;) :D)


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Dear Friends,

Recently I have been using Japanese concepts, Poka Yoke and 5S technique to improvise my trading. And the results are quite encouraging. These simple and age old concepts which were used on the shopfloor and for housekeeping are equally valid today and can also be used to enhance trading experience, reduce errors, fatigue and keep things simple. So be it the trading screen or my desk, a lot of clutter on the desk and in the mind too, gets removed and helps being in focus and on the main job.

Google for Poka Yoke and 5S, worth spending some time.



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Hi Ashish,

Was thinking on the same lines, if I could trade the US markets. What has been your experience.? How is it different from trading Indian markets.? Does your terminal provide intraday and daily charts? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Beleive as per IST, the market opens 8PM to 2AM. Is that about right.?



AW10 (anup),

I am trying to reach you...... I trade US market with thinkorswim and done Van tharp course..... Pls get in touch

Hi everyone,

I have entered the DEN today and want to share and ask something.

Share: I have lost big money trading since 1 year.

Ask: Can I recover by using all the important information given in this thread again starting with 20K.

Anyone bounced back from such a situation encourage me.


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