expert advisor

  1. P

    Automated trading

    do you believe in automated trading software and forex robots and expert advisors?
  2. D

    Fully automate Zerodha Pi

    Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi? Is there any way to fully automate Zerodha Pi ? It says it could be done after approving strategy from exchange. But how? Do they provide new trading platform other than Pi ? Or it is there included in Pi ? If it included in...
  3. pannet1

    My metatrader Experts and Indicators

    Hi, I am happy to provide you with the attached scalper expert that simply buys and sells when you delete the arrow. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| fti.mq4 | //|...
  4. B

    can anybody make an EA with this indicator.

    i have an indicator in ex4 file format and i want somebody convert it into expert advisor for MT4. please Somebody create an Expert Advisor based on this Indicator. Buy when buy arrow appear and sell when sell arrow appear and...
  5. N

    Expert Advisor

    I have a system which i want to implement using Expert Advisor of MetaStock. The Expert Advisor is Giving Buy and Sell Signals. The Problem is that After 1 Buy Signal I want to Display the Corresponding Sell Signal .. In Between The Buy and Sell Signal I want to ignore other Buy...