recommendation service

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    What are the requirments for starting a stock recommandation or suggestion sites?

    I am thinking of starting a stock recommendation site(Indian Market) for buying and selling stocks (with small subscription fees). eg: Buy SBI tomorrow etc Is it legal to start such services in india? If not what way I can change my site and start a stock recommendation site legally? NOTE...
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    Daily intraday tips

    Hi, is there any links/sources, from where we can get tips for intraday trading(I know tips may not be 100% accurate, but I can get an idea from experts)? Thanks
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    Best Stock recommendation service

    Hi Guys, I am here to seek your advice on best stock recommendation service available. I am currently subscribed to PowerYourTrade and it looks okay to me in last 4 weeks. There are others like: EquityMaster StockMechanics (sounds very expensive) etc. I would like to know your...