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Hi friends,

I'm kind of new in this trade & learning for last couple of weeks. I have few queries, which I'd be glad, if somebody helps me with.

1. I tried few analysis softwares & narrowed down on Investar & Iguidestock , as in terms of budget, both these fall within a range, I can afford.
So I'd like to ask,

a. In terms of result, how accurately do these work? I ask this, because, in order to compare these two, I tried running some standard scanners & technical indicators in both, with same parameters. Surprisingly, I got different results. I'm yet to dig in to verify the results. But, I'd love to know the opinions from people who have already used it.

b. Overall, which one could be a better option?

2. I'm thinking of opening a trading account with Standard Chartered Securities. I searched Google like anything,but didn't find any review at all. So, if somebody has any hands-on experience with their products & services, kindly let me know.

- Suvro

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