Looking for a chartered accountant.

My annual turnover is above 1-2 crore.
And i am looking for a CA to tell me where to save taxes.
I already have one ca but i want to Make a conference call either on skype with my current ca and new ca which i would like to hire to discuss where is to save taxes and what should i show expenses and what not. It will be on Live cam. I will pay you for everything headphones, computers,a webcam if you dont have but i guess you must be having these..or you can install skype on phone and get connected.
Tell me How much You are looking for, If you get me save really hard on taxes i wont mind paying alot.
Note- only knowledgeable and experienced I would not mind if you dont have any of these but since CA ceritificate is required to have audited book, you must have a CA certificate.
Only for High enthusiast people to apply.
PM me or reply here.

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
ClearTax helps with taxation for traders/investors. They were keen on exploring this field but then there aren't too many traders who even declare their turnover and profits until they get a notice from the Income Tax department. You could get in touch with them directly. If your needs are very customized then you must find one on your own.

Disclaimer: FYERS is associated with ClearTax. However, we don't have any revenue-sharing agreement with as such. I just refer those who are looking to file and save taxes to them on rare occasions.

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