BEWARE of Alice blue broker ! Total CHEATERS

Hello Everyone,

I was a beginner when i discovered Alice blue broker. I was amazed by the leverage they were providing
When i started using there were many tool glitches, Platform stability was another big issue.
For this reason i decided to close my account.
I did all necessary things to close my account for e.g. account closure form submission through email and through post.
But still Alice blue is not closing my account.

I have been emailing them and trying to connect with them through different mediums but still they are not closing my account and also charging maintenance fees.

To every one out here DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNT WITH ALICE BLUE Otherwise you will also face these kind of treatment from them.

Also I would like to ask Experts here what should be my next step ?

Awaiting for your reply's.

Thanks and regards,
Prem Bhoir


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When it comes to closing, many brokers will show lack of interest. Other day there was one complaint here about Upstox charging even after canceling a plan.

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