Which is the Best Demat Account

Hello All,

I was reading a article in which I read about this community.

Was wondering if someone can help me with below question:

I want to invest in the mutual funds, can somebody guide me, as which are the best mutual funds ?
I want to invest for at least 3 years.

Also, plz tell me abt good demat account, I just have to invest in mutual funds using this account.


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If you want to invest in mutual funds ONLY, then you need not open a demat account.
Invest online, directly with concerned mutual fund fund house


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Yes if it is only Mutual funds you may go thru the direct route itself - wherein you would not require demat account - as the MF itself will have online statements and electronic type of holdings. - But if you wish to invest into shares directly or trade then you may go thru the Demat account route

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