Best broker for Shorting?

Hi Guys,
I have trouble finding some of the stocks (which are pretty volatile) for shorting almost everyday that hits the criteria,and i am using IIFL,Zerodha,Fyers but none of these are too much of a help .
Zerodha has execution issues recently shorting was blocked for cash at the start of the day ,when you have your plan setup for the day and receive a message "mis orders are blocked due to volatility" i mean common and Fyers have always this problem.
IIFL doesn't block during volatility(ave started using very recently) but nubers of stocks for shorting are more or less the same.
I reached out to Sharekhan and Interactive Brokers but couldn't get any answer.
If you guys can please help out that be great.

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hi Adit, MIS Orders? We block BO/CO orders at times of high volatility and that too when India VIX almost broke 2008 levels. Any broker be it Fyers or Zerodha is doing this only to protect the clients and ourselves. Did you know that if Nifty/Sensex hits a marketwide circuit limit, the exchange cancels all open orders? Let's suppose you have a Bracket Order/Cover Order/Intraday Order/Margin Order open in some stocks or stock F&O with target and stop losses.

If Nifty/Sensex touches 10%, both your target and SL will get canceled and you will have a naked position with very high leverage. This situation is could be disastrous for the broker and their clients. That's why we take precautionary measures. I think you should stay very far away from brokers who provide leverage for intraday positions during such times.

I hope this clarifies.
I would like to say that some brokers have been looting money from the new members in the trading simply because they have experience and takes it as an advantage. I am very ready to help any beginner who is willing to join the trading. There are alot to be tackled in the forex trading. It requires some commitments from the members.
So I’ve heard. Luckily I got to know about finvasia through one of my friends and it allows short selling in intraday equity and derivatives for both the intraday and carry.
You can contact the customer support team for a better idea.

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