which is the best brokerage in India?

hello everyone
I want to open a trading account and I am looking for a broker please help me to find a best broker



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There is no best broker .

If capital is less then 25 lakhs and you trade Equity then finvasia with NO POA ..... buy shares forget it let it be in demate
Finvasia is bad for futures and option selling they charegu margin higher then normal broker if u trade f&0 ...

If you trade futures and option then go with broker that dont force u to have demate account.
zerodha ppls will force u demate account i dont like that thats only reason i dont trade with them. I trade with upstocks for futures .
there no demate is required for futures . i trade index ;xD

i trade in futures and i dont have demate in upstocks ;xD
What sort of things are you looking for? Low costs? What type of leverage do you need? What sort of deposit/withdrawal methods?
I know about a lot of different brokers, but it's hard to recommend one without knowing more about your specific needs.
Take a look at some of the international brokers, doesn't matter which country you are in then, also no KYC for BTC deposits at some places - could be handy in India :) I know a few good ones

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