Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders


low risk profile
even with a world class trading platform , its very hard to consistently earn money , here it is all crooked , from trashy platforms to data feeds to faulty ISP's :lol:
Thomson Reuters Boosts Trading Solutions for Indian Exchange Traded Instruments
with Acquisition of Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Acquisition allows Thomson Reuters to further develop its footprint in India’s financial industry
Mumbai, September 16, 2013 – Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information
for businesses and professionals, today announced that it has acquired Omnesys Technologies Pvt.
Ltd, a leading integrated provider of sell-side order management systems (OMS) and high frequency
trading solutions for Indian exchange traded instruments.
The acquisition of Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. further extends and complements Thomson Reuters
financial market data desktop and feeds offering to the financial industry in India. By combining
Omnesys Technologies’ market-leading sell-side order management system and high frequency trading
capabilities with Thomson Reuters content, analytics, quant and event driven trading infrastructure, the
company now offers Indian customers a portfolio of integrated and innovative solutions for exchange
traded instruments that are tailored to their market.
Surprising!!! After being acquired by a foreign institution(FI) in 2013, the quality of NEST seems to be on a downward slide. Normally, opposite is expected, whenever a local co. is acquired by a technologically far far superior foreign institution...

By the way, NEST is also used by MARKET MAKERS (mostly FIIs). How can NEST do justice to both MARKET MOVERS(FIIs) and Market takers. Curious case of a watchman, in charge of guarding a house, also involved in helping improve the skills of the thief.


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