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    Error in MS Chart

    :confused:Problems and Solutions for Meta Stock Chart:thumb: This is BPCL and you can see individual bars for July 15 only( within box) are totally wrong, i dont know how it happened and how to rectify it. Anyone, Experts, Moderators, Newbee pls help
  2. P

    Missing buy/sell variable statements during backtest (amibroker)

    While doing backtest of the following script in amibroker, I get 'missing buy/sell variable assignment' error, though I have assigned buy/sell variables in the script. **************************************************************** function isBuyCond() return (C[BarCount-2] >...
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    For Zerodha

    When I log out of Zerodha Nest Trader, I have to always force close. It does not log you out and goaway. The Last screen always stays on teh system. I have to invoke TAsk Manager to close. Secondly, I cannot square off more than one transaction from the Master Admin Position or F11. If I...
  4. N

    Issues while starting Zerodha PI

    I am getting the attached Pop-up with below error message while loading PI and the login button is disabled. Please help me with the same. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text...
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    amibroker buy sell late signals problem, plz help

    Hello experts out therr, I just downloaded one afl from stockwisebroker named All In One afl which seems very good first but when i tested it on 15 min timeframe using Bar Reply in amibroker, the buy sell signal arriving 8-10 bars late, I mean to say if there is buy signal at 9.30 a.m, we...
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    Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders

    Dear All, No Rant, just my observation. I am a new trader and learning the nuisance of market at a great pace. I have observed that whenever market moves in uni-direction or in a very predictable direction. My NEST terminal doesn't work or go very erratic, unstable. My broker give me...
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    Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error

    HI While Launching Zerodha trader iam getting following error "Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error" Iam using Win7 64bit, Bitdefender Antivirus ,4Mbps Internet I uninstalled and reinstalled several times,allowed in firewall but getting same error. What to do...