Anyone using Tradestation ?



Hey guys ,..
Currently i m using Metastock 8 but i m in search of Tradestation 4 or 5 .
I know some latest versions are available in the market but they r too costly for me as i m not an analysist.
So if anyone is having Tradestation then plz talk to me ,..
Reply ..


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I think third party intraday feed is not supported by tradestation. if some one knows how to import intraday data in TS plz share the method.
Trade station is not good for indian traders.I used it but we cant automate our trades through thi sw ( which the biggest adv + of this s/w ) as it has been made for american based traders.


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Hi Aman

How did you get nf data in TS? I have spent entire night searching all around for the solution.Finally got few bars in ts still have not found the proper method.
If you are using TS version 8.1 then I can help you out to get intra data. All you need is third party software called Owndata which i do have but the version I have is only compatible with TS 8.1.



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aman ..
i echo ankit .. it will be gr8 help if u tell us how u feed the data in ts .. i am the partner of ankit for sleepless nights in trade station
btw ankit .. can u tell me u able to feed data in ts real time ?


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I am using metastock data into TS8.3. for that you will have to make a text file in note pad. type customexchange,23 and save as custexch.txt. put the file in cal folder of tradestation in program files. rest
of the procedure is easy. open ts click on chart analysis icon. right click the window that opens. click format symbol> symbol lookup> select data source as metastock>add>brouse to the folder where ms data is > set prefix> select
stock etc. etc. it is easy.

This method works only for EOD data. In case you need Intraday Stocks or Futures Data to be inputted into tradestation you will need to use OwnData by TSSupport which supports other DataFeeds like ASCII , GLOBALSERVER, METASTOCK, ESIGNAL etc.

Here is a screen shot of Nifty Futures inputted in TS.

Hope this helps.



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