An Excellent Trick Named as Star Bar Trick

is it possible to create an explorer in amibroker?
Title = EncodeColor(colorGold)+ " GIRDHER STAR BAR TRICK SYSTEM" + EncodeColor(colorRose)+" (" + Name() + ") " + EncodeColor(colorGold)+ Interval(2) + 
" " + Date() +" " +" • Open "+WriteVal(O,1.0)+" • "+"Hi "+WriteVal(H,1.0)+" • "+"Lo "+WriteVal(L,1.0)+" • "+
"Close "+WriteVal(C,1.0)+" WMA 5"+WriteVal(WMA(C,5));
Col_1 = IIf(EMA(RSI(39),30) > Ref(EMA(RSI(39),30),-1),colorGreen,colorRed);


Plot(WMA(C,5), "5 WMA", colorYellow, styleLine| styleNoLabel);

Buy= Ref(L,-4)>Ref(L,-3)AND Ref(L,-3)>Ref(L,-2)AND Ref(L,-2)>Ref(L,-1) AND O>Ref(C,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-1)AND C > WMA(C,5);
Sell= Ref(H,-4)<Ref(H,-3)AND Ref(H,-3)<Ref(H,-2)AND Ref(H,-2)<Ref(H,-1) AND O<Ref(C,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1)AND C < WMA(C,5);

PlotShapes(Buy*shapeUpArrow,colorGreen, 0, Low,Offset =-12);
PlotShapes(Sell*shapeDownArrow,colorYellow, 0, Low,Offset =-12);

Filter=Buy OR Sell;

_SECTION_BEGIN("Magfied Market Price");

//Magfied Market Price
FS=Param("Font Size",30,11,100,1);
GfxSelectFont("Times New Roman", FS, 700, True ); 
GfxSetBkMode( colorWhite );  
GfxSetTextColor( ParamColor("Color",colorGreen) ); 
Hor=Param("Horizontal Position",800,1,1200,1);
Ver=Param("Vertical Position",12,1,830,1); 
GfxTextOut(""+C, Hor , Ver );
GfxSelectFont("Times New Roman", 11, 700, True ); 
GfxSetBkMode( colorBlack );  
GfxSetTextColor(ParamColor("Color",colorYellow) ); 
GfxTextOut(""+DD+"  ("+xx+"%)", Hor , Ver+45 );



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Are you suggesting to Short if reverse conditions are met?
I dont use Amibroker so may be wrong, but the exploration posted seems to be for both long and short.
Please correct me if I am wrong.


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Here's MCX where first SL hit and then Trgt hit...

Everyone knows this.... :clapping:
I am looking scope for re-entry !!!
Though this is hindsight.

Many times stop losses are purposely hit for all traders/investors to exit.
Then professional traders/FII's reenter.

An entry is at the bullish pin and the next day is a doji above 5WMA.MA is also sloping upwards.

You do not let go of a stock,even if it hits your stop loss.You always look for a reentry,if you are a serious investor/trader.
Don't most of us keep loosers in our portfolio even if down sometimes by more than 50%?

Though an observation, this stock is still in a downtrend.The previous context is important.:D

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